Victoria Cross Station

Town & Country Railway

The Town & Country Railway was the collection's second display layout, and built upon the themes of the first to portray a more detailed city and regional area. The display took place at Eastwood, Sydney, Australia in June 2005, and consisted of 20 stations and four yards.

You can explore this layout by clicking on the interactive map below.

Town & Country Railway Map
Buckingham (Waterloo) Victoria Cross Lambeth Green Eading Woburn Abbey Bosworth Douglas Ferry Byron Tor St Andrew’s Sound (Trafalgar)

Buckingham (Waterloo)

Waterloo Station is the main terminus in the city of Buckingham, and is located near the city centre. There are six platforms: Platforms 1-4 serve trains travelling to and from Byronshire, and Platforms 5 and 6 serve local suburban trains travelling via Albert Park.

Victoria Cross

Victoria Cross is a major suburban station and railway junction located in the city of Buckingham. Platforms 1 and 2 serve interurban trains travelling to and from Eading and Byronshire, and Platforms 3 and 4 serve local suburban trains travelling to and from Eading and Albert Park.

Lambeth Green

Lambeth Green is a town on the outskirts of Greater Buckingham. Freight and interurban passenger trains pass through the town using the middle two express tracks, while local suburban trains travelling between Buckingham and Eading stop at Platforms 1 and 4.


Eading is a town on the outskirts of Greater Buckingham, and the terminus for local suburban services. Trains travelling into Byronshire depart from Platform 3, while interurban and freight services travelling towards Buckingham depart from Platforms 1 and 2. Platform 1 also serves metropolitan suburban services.

Woburn Abbey

Woburn Abbey is a village in Byronshire. Prior to the closure of Woburn Colliery, the village was a hub for freight trains taking coal to the port at St Andrew’s Sound. In more recent years, the medieval abbey, which is currently being restored, has become a local tourist attraction.


The town of Bosworth sits on the western shore of St Andrew’s Sound. Bosworth’s famous market square attracts farmers from all across the Byronshire region. The railway station at Bosworth is a frequent bottleneck on the St Andrew’s Main Line due to the need for regularly stopping passenger services.

Douglas Ferry

Douglas Ferry is a village on the eastern shore of St Andrew’s Sound. Trains travelling along the Byron Tor Light Railway towards Trafalgar Station traverse St Andrew’s Sound using a ferry. The railway station has a passing loop to increase line capacity and permit local services coming down the mountain from Byron Tor to terminate.

Byron Tor

Byron Tor is a tourist village and the headquarters of the Byron Tor Light Railway Company. The railway station and marshalling yard has three tracks, permitting simultaneous arrivals and departures. Trains travel down the mountain toward Douglas Ferry, and then on to Trafalgar Station by river ferry.

St Andrew’s Sound (Trafalgar)

Trafalgar is the terminus of the St Andrew’s Line, which connects the St Andrew’s Sound region with Byronshire and Greater Buckingham. Goods travelling to and from these regions also pass through the Port of St Andrew’s. Trafalgar Station is also the start of the Byron Tor Light Railway, whose tourist and local commuter services are connected with the region’s towns via a train ferry.