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Welcome to the online home of the largest wooden railway collection in the world.

Comprised largely of BRIO products, but with a smattering of compatible elements, the collection boasts nearly 150 metres of track, over 100 engines and carriages, and countless stations, buildings, trees and other accessories.

Click on the links above to view photos and read more about the collection.


Link updates
Posted by: David Harper - 24/12/07 @ 6:53PM
I've updated the links page over the past week, so be sure to check it out! In particular, be sure to follow the links to the My Thomas and Friends Forums and the Busy Little Engine DVD.

Site upgrades
Posted by: David Harper - 18/02/07 @ 7:45PM
I've upgraded the site to the new, improved SiteX 0.7.3. The main new feature I was after was ... finally ... a security code for the Guestbook and News comments. I also wiped the guestbook and comments (again) so we now have a clean slate. If you left a comment before and it's been cleared, you are now safe to post it -- this time it will actually appear!

Thanks to BJ Sintay for making this possible.

New Engines
Posted by: David Harper - 07/12/06 @ 5:45PM
I recently bought two new Brio engines from the now-defunct classic engines collection:

The Mallard - the fastest steam engine in history
The Flying Scotsman - the first steam engine to reach 100 miles per hour

They'll look...



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